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Computer Science UK offers Computer Science learning resources via an ever growing suite of websites. Computer Science can be challenging to learn and to teach, but ComputerScienceUK is here to support both teachers and students, as they navigate through the fantastic subject of Computer Science!

CSUK:Teacher is (unsurprisingly) a site for teachers, offering an ever growing range of KS3, KS4, KS5 Computer Science teaching resources.

CSUK:ReviseCS is designed for GCSE Computer Science students, providing them with all the tools and resources they will need for a successful GCSE! And with a CSUK:ReviseCS teacher membership, teachers can create UNLIMITED groups and enrol UNLIMITED students!!

And CSUK:Quiz-Bits will soon be CSUK's key stage 3 assessment centre, offering teachers a platform to quickly, easily and effectively assess their students' understanding of each and every CSUK lesson! Great for retrieval practice and interleaving, lesson starters and self marking homework tasks.

Read below to find out more.


CSUK:Teacher - Computer Science Teaching Resources (for Teachers)

With a subscription to CSUK:Teacher, you can say goodbye to all that planning!

CSUK:Teacher is a website dedicated to providing computer science teaching resources for teachers of the new Computer Science curriculum.

The site is designed to bring you computer science teaching resources for the KS3, GCSE and A-Level curriculums. For teachers working in other education systems, KS3 covers the 11-14 age range, GCSE covers the 15-16 age range and A-Level covers ages 17-18. The site is being updated all the time but there is already a wealth of computer science and programming teaching resources for you to access.

Visit CSUK:Teacher for sample resources and to find out more. Membership is just £124.99 per year!

CSUK:ReviseCS - Computer Science Teaching Resources (for Students)

CSUK:ReviseCS is more than just a GCSE quizzing website! It is a complete course companion offering video lessons, interactive presentations, notes, flashcards and more...everything a GCSE student would need to succeed in their Computer Science GCSE.

Individual students can sign up for either a free LITE course (offering video lessons and blank note making sheets) or a PREMIUM course for £5, unlocking interactive presentations, embedded and printable flashcards, interactive quizzes (with detailed feedback for every answer), exam questions with directed marking, gamification through the RCS points and badges system, quiz analytics to reveal areas of strength and areas for development, and more!


For just £114.99 per year, teachers can purchase a CSUK:ReviseCS teacher membership allowing them to create UNLIMITED classes and enrol UNLIMITED numbers of students. Furthermore, teachers can track the progress of each of their students through the course and carry out in depth quiz analysis, highlighting areas of strength and weakness at both a class and individual student level. In addition, teachers can set tasks with deadlines, monitor progress towards these deadlines and have full course access control, restricting certain course areas at the flick of a switch, if they choose.

Visit CSUK:ReviseCS to find out more!


CSUK's Academy will soon provide subscribing teachers the opportunity to assess their students in a range of online quizzes, with questions that map directly to the teaching resources offered at CSUK:Teacher.

Subscribing teachers will be able to create unlimited groups and accounts and will be able to track their student's performance using a number of different data analytics tools.

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