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For Teachers

CSUK:Teacher - CSUK's Teaching Resources Website

CSUK:Teacher - Your hub for comprehensive teaching resources. Secure a membership to access and provide Secondary school teaching materials such as presentations, workbooks, assessments and more. Visit CSUK:Teacher today to learn more!

But that's not all that is on offer!

CSUK now offers online learning platforms to save teachers more time, with learning materials, task setting, progress tracking and performance analysis.

Academy, ReviseCS, & Advanced - CSUK's Online Learning Platforms

Academy: A KS3 learning platform with CSUK's KS3 curriculum organised into individual courses, providing group management, trackable materials and in depth performance analytics. Visit CSUK:Academy to learn more!

ReviseCS: Dedicated to GCSE Computer Science, enhancing student revision and exam preparation. Visit CSUK:ReviseCS to learn more!

Advanced: Specialised content for A-Level students, focusing on deeper learning and advanced topics. Visit CSUK:Advanced to learn more!

Membership Access:
Purchase memberships at the CSUK:Teacher shop for teacher membership for each site.
If purchasing CSUK:Teacher membership, then that site will unlock providing access to the entire resource catalogue.
If purchasing a teacher membership for one of the learning platforms, access to the teacher pages will unlock on the relevant sites, allowing you to enrol students, manage student groups, assign tasks, and track progress and more, for the duration of your membership

For Students

Join Independently

Not part of a teacher-led group? You can sign up individually to Academy, ReviseCS, or Advanced to access tailored learning materials, quizzes, programming challenges and so much more!

For Free

Free to Access CSUK Websites

Access online programming IDEs at no cost, perfect for practicing coding skills in real-time.

Dive into a variety of free learning tools and activities to bolster your computer science knowledge.

Get Started Today

Teachers: Register for your membership at CSUK:Teacher and choose the platforms that you and your students need.

Students: Sign up directly on your preferred learning platform (Academy, ReviseCS, or Advanced) or explore our free resources (Coder and Bytes).

Explore, Learn, and Excel in Computer Science with CSUK!

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